I am so hopelessly
entangled in my affections
for you and I have managed
to get stuck in your ropes
so please don’t pull away
too quickly, I don’t think
I can survive the backlash
of the rope burn.
by Love is a Messy Affair (via ink-trails)


I’d rather
choose to
close my eyes
turn my back
to see clearly
how happy
you can be
without me.

(Source: hbw2000)

I should have fled
when I tasted the
poison on your lips
but now I am stuck
with your toxins
in my veins so how
am I supposed to run
from what is inside of me
without destroying
myself in the process?
by You made me bitter and I will never be the same again (via ink-trails)


Three months ago
you were in love with someone else;
and a year and three months ago
I loved someone with all I had.
I still don’t pretend to love you
like I did back then,
but your game
continues on
and I almost believed
all those words you said to me
that were the same words
you said to someone else
three months back.

I gave you my heart.
You returned it in pieces.
by If you taught me anything, it was that love never makes up for all the tears. (via inkonapagepoetry)
You don’t need to carve
our names into a tree
to show that at some point
we were together
because you are already
written all over my skin
and etched inside my bones
you are already the voice
within my head and the
face I keep on seeing
you are already the name
sewn onto my heart
and that will mean more
to me than a tree ever will.
by She is the One For Me (via ink-trails)

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